The most popular travel destinations for March 8 were named

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ATOR: UAE and Thailand are the most popular travel destinations in early March

The most popular routes for traveling in the first week of March, as well as on the International Women’s Day, were determined, ATOR reports.

Analytical service of the association made a rating of the most popular and budget travel options for ten nights for two in the first ten days of March. Flight, accommodation and meals included. It turned out that during this period, tourists are willing to pay more if there is an opportunity to go to the warmth.

Every fifth request is for a visit to the UAE, the same amount of people want to go to Thailand, and 19% – to Egypt. Russia and Turkey interest seven percent of travelers each.

The most accessible directions in Russian Federation are Sochi and St. Petersburg. There you can have a vacation for two people for 30 and 40 thousand rubles, respectively. The tours to Kaliningrad can be offered for 58 thousand rubles. Most expensive traveling to ski resorts – about 90 thousand rubles for two.

Abkhazia is the most budget-friendly of all foreign destinations. There you can get there for 41 thousand rubles for two people. Prices in Turkey are different: Antalya can be visited for 68 thousand rubles, and Istanbul – at least for 107 thousand rubles. The cheapest trip to the UAE costs Br96.5 thousand. Minimum prices for Egypt and Thailand are Br142 and Br149 thousand, while Cuba and Sri Lanka – Br165 and Br170 thousand.

Goa, Maldives, Qatar, Serbia and Venezuela would cost up to 203 thousand rubles. In the latter, however, the tour duration is longer – 12 days.

The Seychelles is the most expensive: the trip there costs from Br214 thousand.

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